April 2017 Club Meeting

18 April 2017

Guernsey County Republican Club Meeting Minutes

7:00 PM – President Robert Morris called the meeting to order. Nancy Umberger delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer Nelson Roe delivered his report and updated the club on his action items from the previous meeting. Treasurer Roe was able to establish the separate checking account to separate the scholarship funds from the general fund. The second item being the search for a laptop suitable to handle the A/V needs of the club, as well as, provide a central repository for the accounting. Treasurer Roe stated that he was continuing to compare options and find an appropriate set of choices to bring before the club.

Secretary Michael Segrest then began his report with a discussion about the purchase on new club business cards. After some discussion, Gayle Heinton moved that 2500 cards be purchased and it was seconded by Central Committee Vice-Chair Darrell Fawcett. The motion carried unanimously at 7:08 PM. Secretary Segrest, having made the minutes available prior to the meeting, presented them for approval. Mrs. Umberger made the motion for approval and Mrs. Susan Smith seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously at 7:09 PM. The group was also updated on the migration of the website to its new server and the progress on the development of the new website.

President Morris then invited any visitors in attendance to introduce themselves. The club was joined by Bonnie Arnold and Lynn Oster, who were in attendance to listen to the meetings guest speaker.

Vice President Shelia Cochran introduced a program put on by Americans for Prosperity called the Grassroots Leadership Academy. If there is sufficient interest Americans for Prosperity would like to hold their Academy in Guernsey County.

President Morris then informed the club of the winner of the 2017 scholarship, as chosen by the scholarship committee. It was stated that the award presentation would likely be at the June meeting in the Green Room at Mr. Lee’s.

Elected Officials in attendance were then invited to speak. Seeing none present we moved on.

Vice Chair Fawcett then gave the report for the Central Committee. He stated that Don

Brown was confirmed to the Board of Elections. Also, he spoke about some upcoming events that were being worked out, including having a fair booth and possible speakers for the picnic.

Stephanie Dodd, & Robert Morris

Vice President Cochran then introduced our special guest speaker: Stephanie Dodd, our elected representative to the Ohio State Board of Education. Mrs. Dodd was there to fill the club in on what was happening with the State Board of Education and to speak specifically about the boards recent decision to continue with Common Core for the next five years. Mrs. Dodd led a lively discussion with a lot of opportunity for back and forth and questions. Mrs. Dodd took some questions with her and promised to report back, when she was able to give a complete answer.

The meeting was closed and adjourned at 8:29 PM.


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