Following a welcome by President, Robert Morris, Rev. Jim Gibson said a prayer to open the meeting. Each one present said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Suellen Johnson presented the Chairman’s report for the Republican Central Committee. The information about college students applying for summer job with ODOT was passed around. First Annual Reagan Day Picnic will be planned. This is the new name of our late Summer picnic.

Elected officials were given a chance to speak. Auditor Tony Brown said sales tax receipts were positive in the county in 2014. Cambridge City Auditor, Suellen Johnson, is running for re-election this year and is unopposed. Colleen Wheatley, Recorder, said properties for sale are selling.

Nancy Umberger announced the two scholarship winners. Winner of $1,000 scholarship is Emily Yanico. The $500 scholarship winner is Corinne Mihalik. At our May meeting the winners will read their essay and receive their award. We will serve refreshments to those who come to the special event.

Jerry Jones & Jane Grimm

Jerry Jones & Jane Grimm

Sheila Cochran introduced our speaker for the evening. Jerry Jones is President of Artex Oil Company in Marietta. He was past president of Ohio Oil and Gas Association. Jerry used visuals to present his information to us. We are the #1 energy producer in the world. Dollars we were sending overseas to buy oil we are now keeping here. Republicans are for energy production while the Democrats have sold out to global warming. To conclude, Mr. Jones answered questions from the audience.

Upon Mayor Tom Orr’s arrival, he gave some observations on the coming Ohio Senate race and local issues.

May 19 will be the next Republican Club meeting at 7:00pm at Mr. Lee’s. The meeting will feature our Scholarship Winners who will be receiving their awards and will be reading their essays. Refreshments will be served.

All are welcome to attend.

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