President Robert Morris asked all to stand as he began the meeting.. Dave Wilson gave the invocation, and then we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Following the secretary reading the minutes and the treasurer’s report, Suellen Johnson gave the Chairman’s report for the Central Committee. A fundraising letter is prepared and will be sent when it is received from the printer. A speaker for the First Annual Reagan Day Picnic is to be finalized.

City Councilman, Tim Evancho, said the city departments are very busy. Commissioner Dave Wilson told that two sewer construction projects are happening and one more will soon begin. The commissioners and others are trying to solve having enough jail space for the criminals. Radios for police and emergency officials are being replaced. Colleen Wheatley said the Recorders office is scanning many documents because of the wear and tear of the books.

Wil Lloyd with Congressman Bill Johnson’s office said the U.S. House has passed the bill saying the House must give their approval of Iranian deal. Also, a bill to not allow the IRS to target groups passed.

Robert Morris, Nancy Umberger, and Peggy Hayden, members of the scholarship committee attended the Award Assembly at Cambridge High School since both of the girls who won our scholarships attend there.

Scholarship Meeting 2015

Peggy Hayden, Nancy Umberger, Emily Yanico, Corinne Mihalik, Robert Morris

Nancy Umberger, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, introduced the scholarship winners. Corinne Mihalik, winner of $500.00 scholarship, read her essay. Next, Emily Yanico winner of $1,000 scholarship read her essay. Congratulations were expressed to the girls and their families.


Scholarship Meeting #2  2015

Corinne Mihalik, Emily Yanico, Wil Lloyd

Congressman Bill Johnson gave each of the winners a personal commendation. Wil Lloyd from his office read them to those present before giving it to the girls.

Otis Marshall, Second Vice-President, spoke about his desire to begin Republican Clubs for high school students in Guernsey County. He asked for help to begin this endeavor.

The Republican Club will meet on Tuesday, June 16, at Mr. Lee’s. All are welcome to attend at 7:00pm.


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