December 2017 Christmas Party

Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes – December 12, 2017

President Robert Morris opened the meeting by welcoming all guest. Dave Wilson gave the
invocation, and then Robert Morris led the pledge to the flag.
This being the club’s annual Christmas Party, a brief recess allowed members to enjoy dinner
provided by Mr. Lee’s restaurant. During dinner the Sweet Adeline’s Friendship Seven entertained
the members by signing Christmas Carols and several members joined in by ringing Christmas bells
with Judge Craig Baldwin bringing in a special Ho Ho Ho.
The meeting resumed with and auction for the large President Trump sign. Tom Bates was the
Auctioneer and raised the price of the sign to $35.00 that will go to the Republican Club Scholarship
The elected officials donated several items to the Chinese Auction for the Republican Club
Scholarship Fund. The items were distributed to the winning ticket holders.
A motion was made by Gayle Heinton and second by Nelson Roe to approve the minutes of the
November meeting. Motion Carried.
The Treasurer’s report was available and filed for audit.
The nomination of officers for the 2018 year were presented by Gayle Heinton
President – Robert Morris
Vice President – Sheila Cochran
Secretary – Sandra K. Miller
Treasurer – Michael Segrest
There were no other nominations from the floor and Ernest Gardner, Jr. made the motion to close
the nominations with a second by Joel Blue. Motion Carried.
A motion was made by Teresa Dankovic with a second by Gayle Heinton to approve the 2018
nomination of officers. The motion received a unanimous vote from the membership with the
required quorum present.
Robert Morris let everyone know that Dave Wilson and Tony Brown had their petitions there for
everyone to sign, and Sandra Miller had the forms for the Central Committee to run for election.
Along with several State, Judicial, Federal candidates.
Tony Brown asked the members to please support him in the 2018 primary election. He stated that he
is very lucky to love his job as the county auditor.
Dave Wilson also asked for the support of the members of the Republican Club for his re-election as
County Commissioner for the January 1st. term.
Judge Craig Balderson of the 5th. District County of Appeals is running for the Ohio Supreme Court,
he asked all in attendance to please vote for him in the May Primary 2018.
Suellen Johnson informed the members that Chairman Orr will be contacting the Central Committee
members the first or second week of January to re-organize for the 2018.
The members donated toys to the Secret Santa program.
Robert Morris gave the Benediction
The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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