March 17, 2015 Club Meeting

President, Robert Morris, welcomed us to the meeting before Sheila Cochran opened with prayer. We all said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
Susan Smith read the secretary’s report for the January meeting. Gayle Heinton presented the treasurer’s report for the past two months. The scholarship fund balance was increased by the donation of David Bennett.
Elected officials who spoke briefly were Guernsey County Commissioner, Skip Gardner; Cambridge City Councilman, Tim Evancho, and Colleen Wheatley, Guernsey County Recorder.
Nancy Umberger of the scholarship committee said applications for the scholarship are being submitted. The deadline is March 31.
For his president’s report, Robert, reminded us to use the club business card and send the membership letter to a friend inviting them to join the Republican Club.
Sheila introduced the evening’s speaker, Stephanie Dodd. She is our elected representative to the Ohio State Board of Education and serves District 9. The board has 19 members with 11 elected members and 8 members appointed. Schools located in Stephanie’s district are in city, suburbs, and rural locations. The State Board of Education creates rules and reviews rules for education across Ohio. Lately, Stephanie said they have been dealing with operating standards. She answered questions from the audience to conclude her presentation.
The next meeting of the Republican Club will be Tuesday, April 21, 2015. All are welcome to come to Mr. Lee’s Buckeye Room at 7:00pm.
Stephanie Dodd
Vice President Sheila Cochran with Stephanie Dodd, District 9
Stephanie can be contacted at

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