March 2018 Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018

Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes

President Robert Morris called the meeting to order. Vice President Sheila Cochran delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Morris welcomed the guests that were in attendance.
President Morris informed the club members that the Technical Educational Grant Committee needed a volunteer due to the resignation of Lisa Groh. He also state that Sandra Miller volunteered to be a committee member but would not chair the committee.
President Morris informed the club members that he had the pleasure of sitting by a Democratic spy at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.
Treasurer Michael Segrest brought the club up to date on the general finances and the scholarship fund, he presented them for approval. The motion was passed unanimously. Treasurer Segrest reminded the club members that the 2018 club dues are due at this time.
Secretary Sandra Miller made the minutes available prior to the meeting on the back table and on the club website, she presented them for approval. The motion was passed unanimously.
Prosecutor Joel Blue was the only elected official in attendance and shared that his office was now at the county owned building at the state hospital location until the county commissioners are able to locate a new location. Mr. Blue informed the club members that he has had many employee changes in the last month.
Executive Committee Vice President Darrel Fawcett informed the club members that the Executive Committee and Central Committee Officers are looking for a location for the Republican Headquarters for the fall election.
Vice President Sheila Cochran was then asked to introduce Micah Derry, State Director of Americans for Prosperity. Mr. Derry spoke about the mission of the organization by improving communities, addressing health care for veterans, corporate welfare, tax cuts, to state a few of the many aspects of the organization. Mr. Derry took questions from the audience.
President Morris gave the benediction

The meeting closed and adjourned.

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