May 2017 Meeting Minutes

16 May 2017


Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes


7:02 PM – President Robert Morris called the meeting to order.  Vice President Sheila Cochran delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Morris welcomed the guests that were visiting the club.

Treasurer Roe brought the club up to date on their general finances and the scholarship fund. Treasurer Roe presented the club with a few laptop options, but requested some more time to continue searching as he felt there was a better deal to be found.

Secretary Michael Segrest, having made the minutes available prior to the meeting, presented them for approval. The motion passed unanimously at 7:06 PM. Secretary Segrest also presented the club with the new business cards that had been printed and made them available in the back for anyone that wanted some.

President Morris reminded everyone that next month would be the award presentation for the scholarship.

President Morris then invited any elected officials that were present to speak:

Board of elections Director Sandra Miller informed the club that things at the board of elections had settled down for the time being.

Vice President Cochran then took introduced the speaker for the evening, Americans for Prosperity Coalitions Director Esra Escadero. Mr. Escadero spoke about Americans for Prosperity and its impact on politics in the state and nationally. After speaking, Mr. Escadero then took a number of questions.

Vice President Cochran then reminded the club that there was an effort to organize a local training through Americans for prosperity, called the Grassroots Leadership Academy and that club members should contact her if they are interested in taking part.

The meeting closed and adjourned at 8:17 PM.

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