May 2018 Meeting Minutes

Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes

President Robert Morris called the meeting to order. Vice President Sheila Cochran delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Morris welcomed the guests that were in attendance.

Treasurer Michael Segrest brought the club up to date on the general finances. With the membership account balance at $1,675.59 and the scholarship account balance at $2,757.33 totaling an overall total of $4,432.92, the treasurer presented them for approval. The motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer Segrest reminded the club members that we only have 17 paid members and that we are asking the members to pay the 2018 dues.

Secretary Sandra Miller made the minutes available prior to the meeting on the back table and on the club website; she presented them for approval. The motion was moved by Gayle Heinton, seconded by Lynn Oster. The motion passed unanimously.

Prosecutor Joel Blue let the club members know that his office has hired a new Assistant Prosecutor and that he is working finding grants to help the Sheriff’s Office.

President Morris informed the club members about a STEM Lab Program that the East Guernsey Local School District is offering their students. The lab offers Space for Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The scholarship committee recommended giving the Technical Educational Grant to the school district for this year.  Robert Heinton made the motion to give them $1,000.00 for the STEM Lab with a second by Joel Blue. Motion Carried.

President Morris informed the club members that Robert Heinton has resigned from the Scholarship Committee, and that we are looking to find someone for his replacement.

President Morris then introduce guest speaker Cambridge Fire Chief Jeff Deek’s. Chief Deek’s gave the club members fire facts by stating that a fire doubles in size every two minutes. Also, that the Cambridge Fire Department was organized in 1873 as a volunteer department, until 1947 when it became a full time fire department. Chief Deek’s informed the club members that starting January 1, 2017 the department now are first responders. Chief Deek’s also let the club members know that there will be two renewal levies on the November General ballot. Many questions were asked from the club members.

President Morris gave the benediction

The meeting closed and adjourned.

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