Outrage! Obama Campaign Sues Ohio to Supress the Votes of our men and women in the Armed Forces


This is an outrage.  Please forward the following message and the attachments to your contacts, especially in the news media, and demand that the Obama administration explain why it opposes the “suppression of votes” from dead people and non-citizens, why simultaneoulsy initiating action to suppress the votes of those who are actively in uniform defending our country: 


I just wanted to give you an important update:

15 military organizations have joined the Obama v. Husted case to fight with us to preserve military voting rights!

They include:

National Guard Association
Association of the U.S. Army
Association of the U.S. Navy
Marine Corps League
Military Officers Association of America
Reserve Officers Association
National Association for Uniformed Services
Non Commissioned Officers Association of the USA
Army Reserve Association
Fleet Reserve Association
Special Forces Association
U.S. Army Ranger Association, INC.
National Defense Committee
Military Order of the World Wars

The attached document titled 8-1Intevenor Opp to PI contains their response—I especially love this quote:

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces risk their lives to keep this nation safe and defend the fundamental constitutional right to vote. The Obama campaign’s and Democratic National Committee’s argument that it is arbitrary and unconstitutional to afford special consideration, flexibility, and accommodations to military voters to make it easier for them to vote in person is not only offensive, but flatly wrong as a matter of law.   

This is a great development and we look forward to defending our military’s voting rights. Attached you’ll also find our original response to the case (titled 8.1.12 OFA 9 DFdts’ Memo Opp Motion for PI). This is our defense of the special provisions for military voting and there’s some great content in there including where we site the fact that President Lincoln declared a cessation of military operations in order to allow military personnel to cast their ballots.

Please feel free to pass this information to anyone who might be interested in the case.

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