President Robert Morris called the meeting to order.  We stood to say the Pledge to the American Flag, and Sheila Cochran gave the invocation.

The minutes for the June meeting were read.  After a motion by Robert Heinton and seconded by Joel Blue the minutes were accepted by the group.

Treasurer Gayle Heinton reported on the two funds our club has.

New visitors Norm Ginn and Steve Bergin were introduced by the president.

Suellen Johnson stated that a headquarters for the Fall election has not been secured.  The Reagan Day Annual Picnic will be enjoyed on September 1 at the Cambridge City Park pavilion.

The president will update the Guernsey County Republican Website.

Joel Blue and his team have been in parades around the county.  On motion by Suellen and seconded by Robert Heinton the club will donate $250.00 to Joel’s campaign.  All were in favor of the contribution.  Joel thanked the group.

Brian Still with the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party reported.  The aim of those groups is to move toward the  grass roots level.  On July 23 at 9:30am  meet at Joel’s office on Steubenville Ave to help the local campaign and the state and national candidates.  They will be knocking on doors.  Joel explained that Advantage Mobile App is available to assist in door to door campaigning.

Dave Bennett NewSheila introduced Judge David Bennett the new Guernsey County Juvenile and Probate Judge.  Judge Bennett gave a brief history of Court of Common Pleas in Ohio.  He then gave us an overview of his first year in office.  Judge Bennett gave us a better understanding of what the two divisions of the court handle.  There have been many challenges, but he truly enjoys his work.


Sheila announced that the speaker on August 16 for our meeting will be Pat DeWine.  All are welcome to come to Mr. Lee’s Family Restaurant for the meeting at 7:00pm.

Submitted by Susan Smith, Secretary

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