July 2019 Meeting Minutes

July Guernsey Republican Club Meeting

President: Robert Morris called the meeting to order.

Invocation: was given by Sheila Cochran

Pledge of Allegiance: led by Robert Morris.

Treasurer was not present due to car trouble.

PR Liaison: Libby Bates took the minutes

President: Robert Morris reported minutes for May and June are up on the club website. Minutes accepted.

City Councilmen Jack Martin: reports Southgate progress going well with Starbucks to be completed by October. There is also a new hair salon coming to Cambridge. Someone asked about Rural King. Jack reported Rural King bought 10 different sites but only using 2 sites and won’t know until 2020. An Amish Furniture place is going into The Old Ford Garage.

Prosecutor Joel Blue: reported new hire

Assistant Prosecutor Pat Norris. Pat worked in Muskingum Co Sheriff’s office

Colleen Wheatley: reported a lot of real estate documents & sellers’ market. Electronic filings with mortgage industry 80% UPS Fedex mailings won’t cost county anymore to do electric filing.

Paul Sherry Jackson Township Trustee meeting prior to meeting. Going to redo and stabilize bridge and hope financial closing first week in August. There will be half MIL work on the road. Derwent and Seneca with all underground mines researched.

Utica and Accent Oil and Gas are making bigger investments in roads for pavement and repairs.

Upcoming Projects: Pavement on 8th street Kimbolton, Bobs Run and Institute Rd for new pavement. County receiving 11 cents extra from the state gas tax. 1 to 1.5 MIL a year for highway department and extra 25% to budget for roads.

Central Committee: No one present

PR Liason: Libby Bates reported she completed her first interview with Mayor Tom Orr. She decided to take on “Get to Know Your Rep” project of interviewing elected officials as a tool for accountability and transparency for the public. She reported she will be scheduling more interviews soon. Videos on FB page

President: Robert Morris requested ideas for fundraising for The Scholarship Fund with suggestions for selling Trump 2020 memorabilia with Jack Martin and Robert Morris commitment to each donate $100 for hats and shirts to sell.

Speaker: Club Member Tom Bates spoke on Combating the Lefts Narrative. Emails were sent out to the club email list with all his resources for your own use.

Sheila Cochran announced Summer Picnic scheduled for September 5 at Cambridge City Park. She is working on a speaker. Reservations $25 per person call Sue Ellen 740-584-9767

Benediction: Robert Morris

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