June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes


President Robert Morris called the meeting to order. Vice President Sheila Cochran delivered the invocation and President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Morris welcomed the guests that were in attendance.

Treasurer Michael Segrest brought the club up to date on the general finances. With the Membership Account Balance at $1,675.59 and the Scholarship Account balance is at $1,757.33, after the check $1.000.00 check was given to the East Guernsey Local School District for the STEM Lab Program recommended by the scholarship committee, the balance is $3,432.92, with the treasurer presented them for approval. There was not a quorum of members in attendance to approve treasurers report.

Treasurer Segrest reminded the club members that we are asking the members to pay the 2018 dues.

Secretary Sandra Miller made the May 15, 2018 meeting minutes available prior to the meeting on the back table and on the club website; she presented them for approval. There was not a quorum of members in attendance to approve May 15, 2018 minutes.

There were no elected officials in attendance.

Gayle Heinton informed the club members that the Executive and Central Committee’s had the re-organizational meeting on June 2, 2018 and that the officers remained the same for 2018. Gayle also, let the members know that the Executive and Central Committee Officers are looking at two speakers for the Reagan Day Picnic that will be held in September.

President Morris informed the club members that the Republican Club Officers are going to review the club bi-laws and will bring any changes to the club meeting in August for approval.

President Morris then introduce Andrew King candidate for the Fifth District Court of Appeals Judge, Term 2-11-2019. Mr. King gave the club members his back ground and asked for the members to vote for him in the November General Election.

Vice President Sheila Cochran asked the Club Members to consider helping with the DeWine Campaign.

Vice President Cochran introduced guest speaker State Representative of the 95th. District Andy Thompson. Mr. Thompson is on committees for the Oil and Gas along with Education including Common Core. Mr. Thompson is term limited out after this term and has not decided on what his future will bring. Mr. Thompson want the club members t0 know that all is running smooth in Columbus, even though it has not been very productive in the last six years.

President Morris gave the benediction.

The meeting closed and adjourned.

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