June 2019 Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2019

Guernsey County Republican Club Monthly Minutes

  President: Robert Morris called the meeting to order.

Invocation was delivered by Robert Morris.

President Morris: led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President were not in attendance. The reports will be addressed at July 16 meeting.

PR Liaison- Libby Bates took minutes of the meeting.

Elected Officials in attendance: Commissioner Skip Gardner, Mayor Tom Orr, Prosecutor Joel Blue,  Jack Martin and State Representative Adam Holmes.

Commissioner Skip Gardner -reported county patiently waiting for ground breaking for the new power plant which will be up to a 3-year project and will increased revenue for the county. He spoke of the overcrowding in the jail, but an ankle bracelet grant will free up some space. Jail is a 66 bed facility and currently housing around 114 inmates, however, continuing to address the overcrowding.

Mayor Tom Orr -reported a lot of construction by AEP and other utilities for upgrade around the city. The Area Agency on Aging has newly opened offices in downtown. City Hall negotiating sale of building.  Water taxes being collected.

Prosecutor Joel Blue– reported Karley Schaefer sentencing coming up. Reported last Monday meeting held to identify problems to tackle the issue of Human Trafficking in Guernsey County. More information as it progresses.

Central Committee– New candidates appointed to other seats.

President Robert Morris– reported update on the 2015 winner of Club Scholarship Corinne Mahalik graduated from Muskingum College with her Bachelors and in 2019 graduated Ashland University with Masters in Business Administration. She is an Engineer Accountant at BiCon in Derwent. She has no college debt.

Robert informed the members that the Scholarship Committee (Anne, Tom & Libby Bates, Shelia Cochran and Robert Morris) chose Tyler A. Kline from Cambridge City School District as the winning candidate for the 2019 Guernsey County Republican Club Scholarship. Mr. Kline read his essay to the group titled, “Responsibility of the Media in a Free Society”. Robert presented him with a plaque and $1,000 scholarship.

Ashley Carlin- a representative from Congressman Bill Johnsons office presented Tyler with a recognition award.

Tyler held a Q&A afterwards with great interaction with the group.

President Morris adjourned the meeting. Refreshments were enjoyed afterwards.


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