Reagan Day Picnic

Our Guest speaker for the Reagan Day Picnic was Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine
Here are some highlights of his speech along with pictures from an exciting evening.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine


Mayor Tom Orr, Att. Gen. Mike DeWine, Auditor Suellen Johnson, County Recorder Colleen Wheatly

In the eight years President Obama will be in office he will have appointed 1/2 of all federal judges.

Ohio still relies on coal for our energy needs.
In November we will elect 2 Ohio Supreme Court Justices to open seats.
          (Author’s note: Judge Pat Fischer and Judge Pat DeWine are running for the Ohio Supreme Court positions.)   
About Ohio’s future – everything flows from an economy that is growing.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Judicial Candidate Daniel Padden


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, Mayor Tom Orr, Retiring Police Chief LePage

Speaking about Ohio’s opiate problem, DeWine said we are loosing atleast eight people a day.  We need to educate children in all grades with age appropriate information.

State’s crime lab completes looking at evidence faster under his leadership.  New technology using DNA evidence will permit characteristics of a person to be known.

Local Elected Officials and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

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