January 2019 Meeting Minutes

President Robert Morris called the meeting to order.

Vice President Sheila Cochran delivered the invocation.

President Morris led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer Michael Segrest gave the Treasurer Report for January 2019 with the Membership Account Balance at $1,947.59 and the Scholarship Account balance is at $2,257.33, the balance is $4204.92, with the treasurer presented them for approval.  Michael also reminded the members that the 2019 Yearly Dues need to be paid.

Public Records Specialist Libby Bates introduced herself to the club members and she let the members know that this position is very new to her and the club. She is asking the members for their help in any ideas that will help get more members and by getting them active in the Republican Club of Guernsey County. Some of the ideas that were discussed was updating the website and taking pictures of the elected officials that do not have them on the website. Doing interviews for all county officials and maybe doing carrier days at the high schools, just to name a few. Libby let the members know that she would like to attend CPAC next year.

Secretary Sandra Miller made the December 18, 2018 meeting minutes available prior to the meeting by e-mail, on the back table and on the club website; she presented them for approval. The motion was moved by Tom Bates, seconded by Gayle Heinton. The motion passed unanimously.

Elected Officials in attendance: County Auditor Tony Brown let the members know that the county Budget Committee Members are Jim Caldwell, Joel Blue, and Tony Brown. They are working on the budget with the County Commissioners and Tax the Bills are coming out soon.

County Commissioners Ernest Gardner also talked about the county budget and let the members know that the yearend budget was better than they had anticipated.  Commissioner Gardner said that the Budget Committee decides what the revenue will be for the year. Then the Commissioner’s have the Department Heads file an appropriation request of what their department will need for the coming year.  At that point is when the Commissioners work with each department to give them what they need in their budget for the year. Commissioner Gardner talked about the Land Bank and told those in attendance that they have taken down two more houses in the city, one on North 9th & Gomer Avenue, and one on North 8th Street in the two hundred block.  These homes that have been dilapidated for some time.

Executive Committee Vice Chairman: Darrell Fawcett said that the central committee had a meeting the following day, but that at this time there was nothing new. Mr. Fawcett said that he will update the members next month on the meeting.

President Morris informed the members that the Scholarship Committee met on January13, 2019 and set the Scholarship Topic as: What is the responsibility of the media in a free society (such as in Print, TV/Radio, Social Media).

There will not be a February Cub Meeting due to the Lincoln Day Dinner on February 27, 2019 at the Senior Center with Social Hour at 5:30 p.m. and Dinner at 6:3p.m.  The guest Speaker is Supreme Court Judge Sharon Kennedy.

President Morris let the members know that he spoke to Ralph Ray of Mr. Lee’s Restaurant and worked out a deal that the club would give him a life time membership to the club and he would waive the charge of the meeting room.

Vice President Sheila Cochran then introduce Donovan O’Neil. Mr. O’Neill spoke to the club members on the Ohio Sunshine Laws and the Freedom Act on Public Records. All in attendance received an Ohio Sunshine Laws 2018 Book and Model Public Records Request Policy. Mr. O’Neill explained to the members what public records are and how they are to be handled. There was a lot of questions that Mr. O’Neill answered from the members.

President Morris gave the benediction and adjourned the meeting.

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