Gayle Heinton, Pat DeWine, RGayle Heinton (Treasurer), Judge Pat DeWine, Robert Morris (President, Sheila Chocron (Vice President)obert Morris, Sheila Chocron

Gayle Heinton (Treasurer), Judge Pat DeWine, Robert Morris (President, Sheila Chocron (Vice President)

Following the invocation by Dave Wilson and the Pledge to the American Flag, Sheila Cochran introduced our guest speaker.  Pat DeWine spoke about the United States Constitution and his role as First District Court of Appeals Judge.  In this election he is running in one of the two races for Judge on the Ohio Supreme Court without an incumbent.

Judge DeWine said he would bring experience and common sense to Ohio Supreme Court.  Conservative voters need to vote for races listed further down the election ballot such as judges.  His Website is  He answered many questions the full audience asked him.

Susan Smith read the secretary’s report.  Sandra Miller moved to accept the minutes and Colleen Wheatley seconded it.  All were in favor of accepting the minutes.

Brian Still (Republican Party Representative), Judge Pat Dewine

Brian Still (Republican Party Representative), Judge Pat Dewine

The treasurer’s report was given by Gayle Heinton.  The $1,000 scholarship to be given next May is funded.  Now we will raise the funds for the $500 scholarship.  At the Reagan Day Picnic a Chinese Auction will be held to raise funds for the scholarship.  A soft king-sized blanket along with other items will be in the auction.

Suellen Johnson reported for the Republican Central Committee.  The Mike Pence Rally held on August 10 was a wonderful event.  The smoothness of the rally is a credit to the people of Guernsey County.  Because many of the Republicans have jobs, they arrived at Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center later which caused some of the Republican officials to wonder.  Mayor Orr got the crowd wound up.  Commissioner, Dave Wilson, sang the National Anthem with audience participation.

Robert Morris (President), Judge Pat DeWine

Robert Morris (President), Judge Pat DeWine

Thursday, September 1, come to the Reagan Day Picnic at the Cambridge City Park.  It begins with social hour at 5:30pm.  Republican Headquarters will return to 511 Wheeling Ave. in Cambridge.  Volunteers are always welcome to help staff it. Robert Morris stated he will have the headquarters open from Noon to 4:00 � Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Senator Rob Portman will be coming to the headquarters on Saturday, August 20, for an hour from 5:30 to 6:30pm.  Volunteers to work in the Guernsey County Fair Booth can sign up in the notebook laying on the back table.

Commissioner Dave Wilson said the Guernsey County Courthouse now has a single public entrance to provide better security for all.  The commissioners have been effective in fighting Evergreen 360 having a mud/aggregate from well drilling deposited on land along  Route 660. They, along with other government entities have delivered documentation while voicing their opposition to ODNR.

Suellen in her capacity as city auditor spoke about the city of Cambridge and the Area Agency on Aging through the CIC involvement agreeing that the Port Authority would purchase the Potter Davis Building in the center of town and lease it to AAA for offices.  Last evening the Finance Committee of Cambridge City Council passed the approval.

Colleen Wheatley, County Recorder, informed us her office activity is picking up.  Renewals of gas and oil leases are happening.  Past records have all been back scanned so they are ready to use.

Sandra Miller, Director of the Board of Elections, said her office is receiving many new voter registrations.  All registered voters in the state of Ohio will receive an absentee ballot application.  Sandra recommends waiting until you receive that application because it will decrease the cost to our county funds.  One county-wide levy for the County Libraries will be on the ballot.  The deadline to register to vote in November’s election is October 11, 2016.

Brennan Dudley spoke about things happening in Byesville.  The marijuana petition was not initiated by village officials.

Brian Still with the National Republican Committee and the Ohio Republican Party said Saturday, August 20, is the National Day of Action.  Meet at the headquarters at 10am.  He thinks when he returns on Friday to the headquarters he will bring Trump/Pence signs.

President Robert Morris has updated the Guernsey County Republican Party Website at

New people attending the meeting introduced themselves.  Some of them became members of our club.

To conclude the full evening, Mike Chadsey, Director of Public Relations for Ohio Oil and Gas Association, spoke.   He told about many current happenings in that industry.  One point he made was that an air study is being conducted by the University of Cincinnati in Guersney County.

President Morris said the benediction.  The next meeting of the Guernsey County Republican Club will be Tuesday, October 18.  Join us at Mr. Lee’s Family Restaurant at 7:00pm.

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